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Saturday Club was a pop music programme which started life as Saturday “Skiffle” club in 1957 hosted by Brian Matthew and produced by Jimmy Grant. The Skiffle part was eventually dropped to become Saturday Club opened by the familiar Saturday Club theme music “Saturday Jump” The programme was broadcast from 10am to 12noon Saturday mornings on the BBC Light Programme from Oct 4th 1958 to Sept 23rd 1967 then BBC Radio2 from Sept 30th 1967 to Jan 18th 1969. The show consisted mainly of “live” pre recorded performances by artists and bands of the time as there were restrictions on the amounts of “Needle Time” (record playing) at that time.


Home recordings from the radio wanted of Saturday Club, Easybeat, and other  “live music” pop shows from the 60s.

I’m sure there are many people out there with old reel to reel recording tapes in their loft / attic which may contain some of these old programmes that were recorded way back. Don’t let them be lost forever.  Maybe you know someone that has old reel to reel tapes ?  Contact me, I will go through them and record anything of interest and send you cd’s of the results.

It doesn’t matter if these recordings are short, long or quite bad as I may be able to improve them. Thanks for your help.


Can anyone help in the hunt for Johnny Kidd and The Pirates footage from the 60’s ?

I have for many years been searching for any footage in whatever form (cine film, video ,telerecording ,etc) of Johnny Kidd performing.

For those that are too young to remember Johnny Kidd had hit records in the 60’s such as “Shakin’ All Over” “Please Don’t Touch” “I’ll Never Get Over You” etc.     With his band The Pirates, wearing Pirate costumes and Johnny Kidd with eye patch featured on many music programmes, tv and radio, in the late 50s to mid 60s.

Someone out there must have film, video,  etc profesional or amateur with Johnny Kidd performing.

Johnny was filmed on stage in a dance hall in Seaton, or Beer, in Devon England in April /May 1966 just before his death in a car crash. This film is probably gathering dust in someones attic/loft. Do you know of this film ? Have you heard anyone mentioning filming this ?

A telerecording was recorded to be included in the first “Top Of The Pops” tv show in 1964 of Johnny Kidd and The Pirates playing their latest release

 but as it slipped down the charts before the programme went out, wasn’t included. Do you know the whereabouts of this recording ?

Anyone cine filmed tv pop programmes in the 60’s ?

Any info no matter how small would be greatly appreciated by me, and many (still surviving) Johnny Kidd fans.

I must add that film /video etc of The Pirates when they reformed in the 70’s is available and not included in this search

Please contact me at

Thanks Roger




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